Education is the only hope to save Palestinian children’s future. That’s why we are working as hard as possible to bring our people hope in order to deal with the burden of occupation and siege challenges and harness new opportunities! For this, we need your help. ⤵️

We are a volunteer-based organization with the ambition of changing the lives of oppressed people in Palestine- help us make this dream a reality. No coin is too small to support our work, and we truly appreciate it! We strive to maintain our independence by relying on contributions from people like you everywhere on the planet.

Right now, most of your support will be used to educate the Palestinian people, especially children seeking a bright future for themselves as well as help the poor families within besieged Gaza Strip borders.

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Why Do We Use PayPal?

Because PayPal is one of the most popular methods of making online payments as well as it’s one of the only two methods available for us in besieged Gaza Strip.

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Where Does Your Donated Money Go?

Many people that donate to non-profit organizations or charities often wonder where their money actually goes.

The common question, “What percentage of my money goes towards supporting the organization’s mission as opposed to administrative costs?” often arises.

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