How does our team provide humanitarian aid?

You First Gaza team implements humanitarian projects itself, taking the responsibility to deliver aid to in-need families in any place in besieged Gaza Strip.

The main tasks of our team include assessing the humanitarian situation of needy families and identifying the most urgent needs. We also monitor the proper implementation of projects. At the end of a humanitarian operation, our team is involved in ensuring that programs can progressively take over from the relief aid.

Our team adopts humanitarian aid financing decisions throughout the year on the basis of its needs assessments and specific proposals made by our volunteers in besieged Gaza Strip. 

It’s the quickest way to respond to sudden crises is the fast-track “primary emergency decision”. This unique tool allows our team to provide funds of up to $2000 almost immediately (according to our generous donors’ responses). 

At the same time, our team dispatches rapid response coordinators to ensure that vital assistance such as food, shelter materials, blankets, and medicines can be provided as speedily as possible.

Our team also takes “emergency” and “ad hoc” decisions to provide larger amounts for relief operations.

For longer-lasting humanitarian crises, such as the Gaza siege, quality education, and unemployment, the You First Gaza team draws up annual plans as an overall strategic framework for action in the besieged enclave.

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