Humanitarian aid is a fundamental goal of You First Gaza team

Humanitarian aid is a fundamental goal of our team to help people in need in besieged Gaza Strip.

Our team’s relief assistance, provided through its Humanitarian Aid field, complements our individual efforts. Our team is responsible for up to providing aid totaling around $15 thousand annually. The You First Gaza Team is Gaza’s largest humanitarian aid youth team, helping people in need across the besieged enclave.

The main objectives of the humanitarian aid operations funded by our team are:
to save and preserve life during emergencies and their immediate aftermath in occupation-made or natural disasters.
to provide assistance and relief to people affected by the longer-lasting siege.
to finance the delivery of aid, working to ensure that assistance is accessible to those for whom it is intended.
to assist refugees or displaced people wherever they find sanctuary and to help them find proper shelters after wars.
to support short-term rehabilitation and reconstruction work to help victims regain a minimum level of self-sufficiency, taking long-term development objectives into account where possible.

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