Our Story

We are a team of expert people with creative ideas. Neither our society’s deep poverty nor the hardships of the Gaza Strip siege prevented us from starting our educational project.

Launching our project, we collected funds from each other to cover the expenses of our first school in Khan Younis refugee camp southwest of the besieged Gaza Strip in 2016.

At the beginning of 2018, our team couldn’t bear paying the monthly rent of the school because our students’ parents couldn’t pay the simple fees, about 8$ for each course per month.

Poverty was the main reason. A student’s father answered when we asked about letting his child leave the school that food is a priority and I barely could feed my family.

Yet, our team hasn’t given up. In 2019, we launched fundraising to raise funds for setting up our school once again, and we could successfully do that, but the same challenge affected us.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the current year, we close our school again due to our incapability to pay the annual rent of our new school place.

Besides working in the educational field, we hurried up to help our society suffer the effects of the prolonged Israeli occupation and the illegal and immoral siege on the Gaza Strip.

Our well-known work during crises was crystal clear. Our team took the risk several times, reaching the doors of the low-income families and providing them with humanitarian aids, such as food, medicines, and money for rent.

During the curfew of the coronavirus period in the besieged Gaza Strip, our team took the risk and distributed more than 1000 food and sanitizers packages for those who couldn’t access them.

As well, the last aggression on Gaza on May 2021, two of our team took the deadly risk of reaching some distressed families near the borders, those who lost their homes because of the Israeli bombarding, and provided them with USD 100 for a one-month home rent.

Good news, we believe that our valuable work will get successfully once a day and will find a sponsor that will keep funding us, so we can keep teaching our students and publishing the great values of education.

Our Achievements Testify!

We are Palestinian youth seeking to meet our community needs and positive change in the Gaza Strip. We are six years of experience teachers, dealing with all students categories.

We can launch campaigns to help those in need. People worldwide, who know us, trust our work and don’t hesitate to support us.

Our prominent achievements were teaching more than 1000 students various courses, especially children and graduates. We are proud of this because some of the 20 students have started their online freelance jobs after finishing the Java programming course.

You First Gaza team could successfully build sewage infrastructure for three families, about 18 family members. We could do this with tiny funds, and till this moment, they are happy with this work.

We could also help two patients with severe pain in their teeth with the medicine and pay their doctors’ fees. One of them, Mahmoud, fixed about half of his damaged teeth.

You First Gaza will keep this work. We will do our best to continue this valuable work that serves a lot of poor families in the besieged Gaza Strip.