Putting an end to a patient misery

The suffering of the people living in the Gaza strip never ends, no matter they are children or adults. There is always new suffering with new cases to be handled and solved.

As a part of our ongoing search for people who are in need, we came across a new humanitarian case.

Mahmoud Wadi a Palestinian citizen living in the Gaza strip has been suffering from a severe and painful toothache. His mouth was completely damaged and his teeth were in a very bad condition, he has been living on drugs for quite a while and no one is doing anything about it, he appealed to many institutions, but no one helped him.

You First Gaza took the responsibility to help him and put an end to his misery. We launched an appeal to help him after consulting a specialized dentist and the initial cost was 697 USD. The donation campaign got more than the needed amount and we got 800 USD.

Mahmoud is now following with his dentist and he is so happy that his problem is being solved.

Since we had an extra 103$ we helped another Citizen with his teeth problem.

We can say that we felt really proud because we helped two citizens who were suffering a lot and their thanking words were indescribable. We hope to be able to launch further campaigns in the future and help others who need our help.  

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