YFG Training Courses

Training courses are one of the cognitive sciences based on honesty and professionalism. According to the latest international standards, we seek to apply them to trainees, individuals, or institutions.

We offer our best to exploit the maximum of students’ capabilities and skills and make them qualified to compete locally and globally.

We select the best-specialized courses that can transfer their expertise and skills according to the latest global developments, scientific research and studies, and their application in the management environment.

Qualification for the post of English language teacher course 2020.

The training courses in our Center aim to:

  • Motivating the trainee, raising his morale to achieve self-satisfaction, and improving production and efficiency in the entity he works or wishes to join in the future.
  • Help save time and effort, reduce errors, teach good behaviors and ways of thinking, and renew information and specialized job experiences.
  • Contribute to improving the trainee’s performance at the lowest cost and least effort and in the shortest possible time, in addition to following up on technological developments and how to use them.

YFG Training Courses in Gaza Strip:

It is no secret to anyone that the Gaza Strip suffers from difficult economic conditions whose impact focused on the youth and university graduates, and from here, we decided to launch our training programs in order to empower young people in various fields to reach their self-sufficiency by developing their abilities to work on the Internet and other areas of self-employment.

Digital teacher preparation course 2021

List of the Training courses we offer:

English courses:

1- English language levels from the first to the twelfth level.
2- Professional translation from Arabic to English and vice versa.
3- Conversation in English from the first to the third level.
4- English grammar.
5- Qualification for the post of English language teacher.
6- Medical terminology and qualification for the specialty of a nurse.
7- Writing content and news in English.
8- Press editing in English.

Development courses:

1- Design course using Photoshop.
2- Design course using Illustrator.
3- Editing course using Premiere program.
4- Editing and dubbing course using the After Effects program.
5- Comprehensive general computer courses.
6- Java programming course.
7- Programming course in Python language.
8- Internet networks and control course.
9- Office suite course.
10- Self-development courses.

And other human and economic development courses and various specializations.

java programming course 2021

Mechanism of the Center’s work in providing training courses:

Five training courses are announced each month and continue according to the number of hours held, and registration in the course is by paying a reduced fee or completely free of charge.

Course dates are determined according to the Center’s schedule and are often in the evening to suit students’ working hours in universities and workers in their various jobs.

The trainee is the Center of the training process ultimately to achieve the maximum possible benefit from the training course.