You First Gaza distributes 40 food parcels for poor families in Gaza Strip

You First Gaza Team distributed Sunday, March 27, 2022, 40 food parcels for poor families in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The distribution work took part in the Khan Younis refugee camp south of the besieged Gaza Strip.

A sum-up of the benefited family members reached more than 170. Among them are parents, children, and the elderly.

You First Gaza team worked on this project for more than two weeks. The work has been done in 4 stages which are raising the fund, preparing the food packs, distributing them, and the documentation.

We could collect $1,170 from the generous donors. The targeted food parcels were 30, but our team could do to make it 40 food parcels.

The food parcels included the need of the families for two weeks.

We could provide:

  • Tomato paste (0.5 KG)
  • 1 Meat can
  • Tea (100 bags)
  • Rice (1 KG)
  • Lentil (1 KG)
  • Sugar (2 KG)
  • Macaroni (1 KG)
  • Cooking oil (3 Litter)
  • Halvwa (1 bag).
  • Bean (3 cans)

We deliver the food parcels as gifts from generous donors. Our team wrote on every package the name of the donor.

The families were so happy and sent their love and thanks messages with us to the donors.

Our team will continue this work to help the Palestinian society in the besieged Gaza Strip.

This is the video that documented our work:

To donate to our team:

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