About us

Who are we?

We are a group of Palestinian youth seeking to meet our community's needs in various fields like Education, humanitarian acts, and many other areas that enhance the lives of Palestinian students, graduates, and those in need.

We started our work in 2016 in Khan Younis refugee camp south of the Gaza Strip. We were forced to close our doors because of the economic crisis at that time. We could reopen our doors in 2020.
“What to tell you? Gaza is frustrating these days—well, these years. It’s a good exercise in patience, at least.”
Refaat Alareer
Gaza Writes Back

Our Vision and Mission

Our main responsibility is to promote the educational level of students of all ages because we believe that education is the key factor for change and there isn’t any greater investment than investing in the students themselves.

We have been through some doubtful times, but our enthusiasm is driven by the strong belief in our cause and the importance of education.

What are our aims?