You First Gaza draws its inspiration from good people’s social and emotional values centered around creating a positive change in the besieged Gaza Strip we live in.

Who are we?

We are a Gaza-based group that works to develop all aspects of life for poor people in the besieged Gaza Strip. Our work focus on the areas of education, humanitarian aid, and journalism.

Our team consists of eight members, almost all of them are teachers and 12 volunteers that are ready to work 24 hours for the sake of humanity.

Our Mission

To promote the educational level of students of all ages (kindergartens, school, university, and graduates) because we believe that education is the key factor for change and there isn’t any greater investment than investing in the students themselves.

To raise funds for the many life-changing causes across the besieged Gaza Strip to help poor people and provide them with their essential needs through our website.

Our Vission

We have been through tough times, but our enthusiasm is driven by the strong belief in our cause and the importance of education.

You First Gaza Team seeks positive change in the Gaza Strip through the support of poor families dedicated to social, cultural.

Transform through innovation

We strive to continuously innovate and transform the learning experience on our platform, creating a seamless experience for students.

You First Gaza launched two interactive educational platforms in both English and Arabic languages, where more than 100 thousand use the platforms worldwide.

Be the change. Make the difference

We strongly believe acts of kindness, compassion, selflessness reciprocate endlessly. Together we all have the ability to create a positive change and make a tremendous difference in the besieged Gaza Strip.


You First Gaza launched a news website (Gaza Dispatch) to cover all the latest news, stories, incidents that happen in occupied Palestine.

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